State of Greater Black Lafayette

State of Greater Black Lafayette

State of Greater Black Lafayette History & Goals


The SOGBL forum is an offspring of the Community Luncheon.  The Community Luncheon is simply a coming together of people concerned about the community & is sponsored by & held @ Country Cuisine Restaurant.  The current Luncheon was inspired by a prior coming together of individuals of the McComb-Veazey area who held similar luncheons several years ago.


The goal of the Forum Series is to provide timely and reliable assessments of the systemic and specific forces & events affecting the lives of African Americans in the Greater Lafayette community.  Once the root problems are crystallized and the necessary statistics, data and assessment inventories are correlated, plans of action, strategies and new policies will be implemented.

The Forum rejects the notion of more organization creation.  Rather it encourages collaboration of existing organizations and individuals having an interest in the sociological, educational, physiological, psychological, spiritual, financial, political and esthetic maturity of the local African American community.  It is our desire to work with every & any organization whose purpose it is to improve & enhance the quality of life for African Americans throughout the Greater Lafayette area.


The 1st Forum Event was designed to focus on the status and future path of issues involving “Education & Criminal Justice” affecting the African American community!  It was a candid, no holds barred, and participatory discussion!

The Forum was held on Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ the Clifton Chenier Center on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Parkway from 9:00am – 12:30.  The entire Community was invited!  Moderators were: Dr. Toni Sims-Muhammad & Attorney John W. Milton. Panelists were:

Education                                            Criminal Justice

Mrs. Patricia Colbert-Cormier, Educator                      Marcus Allen, City Attorney

Mr. Greg Davis, Education Advocate                            Nicole Malbreaux, ULL Student

Bobbie B. DeCuir, Ph.D., Picard Center                        Attorney Valerie Gotch Garrett

Mr. Damian Glover, Lafayette High Freshman               US Atty Donald W. Washington

Mr. Willie E. Smith, Sr., Ed. Chair100 Black Men            George Wooddell, Ph.D., ULL

Mr. Arthur Sampson, Black Man 7                                Terry Landry, Retired Col State Police


On Education, the community stood up against the actions of the Laf. Parish School Board to discontinue the only LA3 program in the Parish, which was housed @ Truman Montessori School.  The educational efforts are transforming public policy as it affects children of poverty and minorities are continuing and led by the efforts of the Education Committee of 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette.

On the Criminal Justice Front, FFLIC (Family & Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children) as it continues to fight for the best interests of children entering the criminal justice system.  As we speak, the Community is assembling @ the MLK Center for a presentation entitled: Understanding the School to Prison Pipeline, guest speaker is Ms. Damekia Morgan of New Orleans.


The 2nd Forum Event, scheduled for June 20th 9am – Noon @ the Clifton Chenier Center is designed to focus on the status and future path of issues effecting:

Identify the various neighborhoods (predominantly African Americans)

Access the status of integration in the Greater Lafayette area

Access the socio-economic status of the neighborhoods where African Americans live

Identify any historical efforts to assess & improve the status of AA’s in the Greater Lafayette area & access it’s effectiveness

Identify any current & on-going efforts to assess & improve the status of African American communities in the Greater Lafayette area.